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** Our curriculum is currently on a journey of review and embedding. The following statement sets out our current intent, and will be updated as our curriculum journey continues. **

At LaceyField: The home of Eastfield Infants’ and Lacey Gardens Junior Academy, our aspiration for each of our children is based upon the need for them to enter the world of work as articulate and literate individuals with a range of knowledge and experiences across all subject areas.

Our Aims and Purpose
To ensure our children have the age related skills to access the full curriculum, subsequently experiencing a broad curriculum in which they can find their authentic self, passions and talents.

How do we do it?
We develop cultural capital in all of our children through ensuring an emphasis on reading; providing a vocabulary rich environment; providing opportunities and experiences which allow children to engage with experts in the field; creating links between existing and new knowledge; revisiting knowledge cyclically to
support retention (e.g. through quick quizzes); creating a culture of high expectations and embedding links with our local community.


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